We make plans for construction and for building permits.

We are professional structural engineers in Galveston.  Our clients include architects, designers, property owners with a dream, and builders.

Structural engineering is our only business.  We make plans for buildings all day long, and would be happy to make your plans.  Many clients appreciate our quick turnaround time and the fact that you can call to speak with the engineer directly.  Go ahead, feel free to call our office to speak with Luke at 409-765-7777.

FrameStudio, Inc. is a Licensed engineering firm located and working mostly in Texas.  We are also licensed in other states as projects have come up.  We are structural engineers in Galveston, and ready to make your residential or commercial plans for permit and construction.

Repairing and upgrading historic buildings is like solving a puzzle.

The engineer must investigate building techniques and the state of materials from the era of construction and design solutions that do not detract from historic integrity and beauty of the structure.

FrameStudio knows the Historic Preservation Guidelines and has successfully worked on many buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. In the last twenty-five years, principle of the company has worked on over fifty historic structures in Texas, Arizona, Washington, and British Columbia.

Depending on your specific needs, FrameStudio can provide a complete assessment of the building, with a detailed report on the current condition and rehabilitation needs. Once you decide to rehabilitate a building, FrameStudio will work with you to design a system of structural upgrading that suits your goals and budget. In many cases, we have designed a temporary support for immediate stabilization of the structure, with the planned repairs happening in stages.

This is Vera on the left. She also likes designing houses.

Vera has been practicing Structural Engineering for over 30 years.  Vera has experience with buildings of all sizes, as well as bridge design.

This is Luke. He likes to design houses.


Luke is a Structural Engineer, and most likely who will answer the phone when you call.  Luke has designed over 100 houses and many commercial projects as well.  He has been learning the trade from Vera for almost 30 years now.  If you haven't guessed, Luke is Vera's son.

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